Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Went to Columbus, OH this week on a spur-of-the-moment thing - the Indiana University soccer team was playing an exhibition game before the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer opener, so we thought we'd drive over and see what it was like. We picked up my dad and stepmom on the way too. It started out pretty nice, fairly warm temperatures and bright sunshine, and we got to see IU beat Maryland in a goal in the last couple of minutes. But things went downhill fast - there was a two hour wait before the Crew game, the wind picked up, temperature dropped, it started to rain...a pretty miserable experience. My stepmom leaned over to me and said, "At least it's not hailing!" A good sport - she only came along since we all did. We bailed out at halftime - dropped off the 'rents at their house and got back to Bloomington at about two in the morning. It's kind of a bummer for Jesse - the two-year-old - since it really disrupts his schedule, but man, I love to do that sort of thing.

I joined Gasbuddy tonight. Driving between Indianapolis and Bloomington as much as I do, I think I can use it just as a personal record of gas prices even if no one else ever enters a thing.

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