Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bloomington Startup Weekend

Wow, looks like the Bloomington Startup Weekend is proceeding apace. It was announced today as an official part of the Startup Weekends that have been going on around the country - there was one in West Lafayette, wonder if their company made boilers - after a voting process where more than 150 people voted for Bloomington over various other cities. They're looking for around 70 people signing up, with all sorts of different skills: developers, designers, PR people, lawyers, managers; and once the group gets together on Feb. 8th, they'll brainstorm some ideas for a product, and hopefully go ahead and get it built! Good luck to them. I'm sure I'll sign up, and maybe even make some useful contributions, although I need to clear it with my boss first. I have a feeling that the weekends in places like New York tended to be from dissatisfied people working at Merril Lynch or IBM or places like that, but I work for a company that may have less employees than this weekend will have attendees, and it's a really cool company too. (Want a job at Envisage?) So I'm not looking to make my fortune from this weekend, but it should be fun.

The week before that we'll have a geek dinner, so I'm guessing the Startup Weekend will be a topic of conversation there too. Hope to see you at El Norteno!

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